Picture of Pinkie Pie RC Car + Bass Cannon
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Just a small hack of adding a speaker, iPod and amplifier to a Pinkie Pie RC car so that I can play awesome music on and drive around.
Not sure if I'll make an instructable for this; I'll wait for comments and stuff first. . .

Video Demo:

The iPod amplifier used in this device was based on this Instructable made by osgeld.

Idea was partly inspired by Epic Wub Time, an animation made by nomorethan9:
Make an instructable on how u did her hair!
charge11595 (author)  TimsProjects1 year ago
Maybe, though I only did Rarity's mane while it was actually my sister who did Pinkie Pie's.  Artistic stuff isn't my thing, I'm more in to technology.  Your way wasn't bad.  I liked your clever use of a vent, though that would only be a good idea during the winter when you need the heat.

We followed this guide on the "boil-perm" method, using bobby pins, drinking straws, and hot water.  It uses more heat to set the curls, though I also very carefully used an incandescent reading lamp for drying.  A hair dryer may have been a better idea since they should have some built in thermal switch to prevent them from overheating, given the fact that they are also made of plastic.
Yes ^.^ /)
thegoodhen2 years ago
Since when are cars in Equestria canon? O_O
charge11595 (author)  thegoodhen2 years ago
Not sure about cars in Equestria, but trains yes. Cars so far only confirmed in this other 'human world'
Wait, you mean in EQG? o_O Well, I guess that sorta makes sense...