Picture of Pinstriping made easy
This instructable will show the average person how they can create custom pinstriping easily on an object such as a guitar using pre-made Pinstriping masks such as those found at
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Step 1: Preparation

Picture of Preparation
This instructable will show you how you can easily pinstripe an object such as a guitar using pre-made Pinstriping masks such as those found at

Clean the area where the vinyl will be applied. Rubbing alcohol is preferable. This will remove any existing dirt or oil present on your work. The air and application surface should be between 60 and 80 degrees F.

- Pinstriping Mask (available from
- Scissors
- Squeegee (credit card will do)
- Razor blade or Xacto Knife
- Striping Brush
- Striping paint such as One Shot

Step 2: Mask application

Picture of Mask application
After cleaning the surface the next step is to apply the mask. This is done as follows;
1. Cut off excess vinyl around edge of mask as required and discard.
2. Locate mask on surface and hold in place with masking tape. Measure from Top and bottom and side to side to ensure mask is exactly where you want it.
3. Start peeling off the backing and remove half of the backing paper with your scissors. Be careful during this step to ensure that none of the mask is left sticking to the backing paper. (I didn't pay attention and had some minor problems around the eye brows)
4. Adhere the mask to the surface and gently smooth into position working from the center outward using your squeegee.
5. Remove masking tape and then the remainder of the backing paper.
6. Adhere the remainder of the mask to the surface and gently smooth into position
7. Smooth down the whole image to ensure mask is properly adhered.

Step 3: Premask removal

Picture of Premask removal
Remove Pre-mask paper from the top of the pattern. Always pull the Pre-Mask back at 180 degrees to itself. If mask begins to pickup Stop, replace the tape, squeegee some more.
10JKELLER7 years ago
no offense to all but whats teh guitar hero craze your all slaves to the corporate world think of all the big companys feeding off your money. this is why they make so many versions of this game personally ive played it and it sucks ill stick to my real guitar
Corporations bad, yes I agree. However please, learn to use punctuation and grammar. I'm not all fascist about language but you're making the rest of us critics look like stoned out garden gnomes.
hmm 'stoned out garden gnomes" good analogy
sssssbooom5 years ago
Looks good, I wish the red would stand out more some how though. Over all it looks great!
jzu6 years ago
{OT} Hey, it's a Kapa Continental! Just like mine... Cool 60's US guitar. Is yours a 6 or a 12 string?
russphilipp jzu6 years ago
It's a Four string
rccote7 years ago
cool, i plan on doing this to my guitar hero guitar.
That's awesome. I might do this to my Guitar Hero controller(s) as well. Nice job.
Dude you post on EVERY instructable lol (not being mean, just pointing it out and thought it was funny)
Nope. Not every one. And laugh, laugh computerwiz_222, laugh! Haha just kidding.
i can account for his not posting on every instructable. as i tend to view all of them. even if i dont comment.
i was backing u up, providing proof that u dont comment on everyone.
Cool, I plan on doing something like this on my Guitar Hero guitar.