Picture of Pint Glass Carrier on Laser Cutter
I grew tired of carrying around my four pint glasses like some commoner.  I decided that if I am going to get wasted, I should get wasted luxuriously.  No more trying to carry all four while drunk and looking like a fool.  Do not drink and make things with dangerous things.  I made it at TechShop
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Step 1:

The first thing you must do is measure the top of the glass you are using.  It is better to use a glass that has a base that is narrower than the top.  If the top is the same diameter as the bottom, you will have a problem.  

Step 2:

You are making a template for cutting out the holder portion of this rig.  The outer circle will represent the rim of the glass and the inner circle will be the one you cut that holds the glass.  By doing this you can cut out as many holes as possible for glasses, but by using the template, you can see where the rims would touch and avoid that.  You can carry as many beers as you want, its not like someone can stop you.   Get crazy.  

Step 6:

Picture of
Once you have cut out the parts, put them together and go out adventuring.  
togo19192 years ago
Superb Idea!!! Way to go, Idaho!
Awesome design! I was wondering, from the main picture, how you got the handle to stay on the main piece, and that was a brilliant idea :)
i'm going to harbor a guess here, but looking closely to try and see if I could spot it, it appears that the handle part is an inverted single-piece "T" shape.

my first thought would've been the it might be within the same principle and the pints/holes bit, just in reverse, if you will.

A great, and simple, design/execution! I'll try to make a few of these for the local barmaids! :P (I kid, I kid; they are definitely waitresses/waiters at my local joint)
Jenius Jenius2 years ago
*that; i put a 'the' instead of a 'that' lol