Pint Glass Measurement is important

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Superb Idea!!! Way to go, Idaho!
Awesome design! I was wondering, from the main picture, how you got the handle to stay on the main piece, and that was a brilliant idea :)
i'm going to harbor a guess here, but looking closely to try and see if I could spot it, it appears that the handle part is an inverted single-piece &quot;T&quot; shape. <br> <br>my first thought would've been the it might be within the same principle and the pints/holes bit, just in reverse, if you will. <br> <br>A great, and simple, design/execution! I'll try to make a few of these for the local barmaids! :P (I kid, I kid; they are definitely waitresses/waiters at my local joint)
*that; i put a 'the' instead of a 'that' lol

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