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Introduction: Pinwheel Wall Decor

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Pinwheel Wall Decor is easy, cheap, classy look wall art.

Step 1: Supplies

Patterned cardstock papers or scrapbook papers

Hot glue gun and glue stick



Step 2: Measure Cardstock

Measure cardstocks 6X6 inch or 12X12 inch with ruler and cut them using scissor.

Step 3: 3 Fans

1.Take a cardstock, make 1/2 inch wide fold on the sheet.

2. Fold the paper back and forth, accordion style.

3. Now fold the accordion strip in half and hot glue the two sides together.

4. Repeat the same process and make 2 more fans in same patterned cardstock.

Step 4: Pinwheel

Glue the three fans together.

Pull the accordion of two sides and glue them together.

Step 5: Centre Button

Take another cardstock, trace 2 circle of 1 inch "diameter", cut it and glue it on centre of pinwheel back and forth.

Step 6: Pinwheel Wall Decor

Attach pinwheel to the wall using wall mounting tape.

You are done :) Thanks for visiting.

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Bought from IKEA. Its a nice DIY idea combined with some lights effects.

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it's amazing

i will do it

They look great. A nice way to add some colour to your walls without spending a lot of money.

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Thank you :) True, my living room wall looking so colorful now :D