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Introduction: Pinwheels - Easy Summer Lunch

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Pinwheels - it seems are a popular appetizer people buy from the store and bring to events. But, every time I've had them in the past, the store-bought ones, I haven't liked them too much. They put some weird stuff in them. Sometimes less is more! :) I made these the other day for my son and he loved them! They're pretty filling and really simple to make - great for a summer day!

Step 1: Ingredients to Make Pinwheels

  • Flatbread (I bought Pinwheel Lavash Flatbread - near the Deli at Walmart)
  • Lunch Meat - turkey, chicken - or whatever you like
  • Lettuce
  • Cheese slices
  • Cream Cheese - the whipped variety is easiest to spread
  • *Optional - you can add anything else that you like!

Step 2: Assemble the Pinwheels

This is pretty simple. Take out the cream cheese and spread it on the flatbread. It's ok if you want to go easy on it - but be sure to have it coating the flabread at both edges of the bread (so it will not fall apart). After coating it with cream cheese, then you'll want to take out your lunch-meat.

Add a nice little layer of lunch meat at the left edge of your flatbread. Try to keep it within 3-4 inches of the edge. Then put lettuce on top of that and cheese to top it off.

Fold the pinwheel tightly over itself two times. Then, you can add more toppings. I add a little more meat and lots of lettuce. If you skimp out on the lettuce, it will taste too dry. This gives it some great texture and crunch! Finish folding it up to the end.

Then, use a sharp knife to cut it into slices and you are done! I really didn't need to add anything else to it - they were very delicious with these few simple ingredients! I Hope you enjoy them!



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    These are a few of them

    15, 12:06 PM.jpg

    I made it but used a flour tortilla

    I replaced the flat bread with a medium size flour tortilla and the cream cheese with peppercorn ranch. it was awesome!!

    hummus is also a good substitute spread to make it all stick

    :) what did you add?:) yeah sometimes simpler is better! :)

    Lol, I added a little ranch and thought I could substitute that for cream-cheese, also, I used a huge tortilla, and I stuffed a bit too much. :)

    Ahh! :) I see! yeah it seems like the cream cheese is import. at least along the edges so it doesn't fall apart! But the ranch does sound good on it!!! :) I tried making these again with a different kind of wrap and it didn't work so well either!!!

    Hahaha.. Geat Instuctable BTW

    thanks Holly they look and bet they taste delicious ima try n make them sometime=D

    thanks Holly they look and bet they taste delicious ima try n make them sometime=D

    Hi Holly... Great instructable... They look delicious.. I make these all the time and it's great when on the road and for picnics/camping. I never had one with cream cheese but I will try it the next time I make it.. =)

    3 replies

    Thanks!!! Yeah these are great for camping..what do you use for filler instead of cream cheese? :)

    You're welcome!! Instead of the cream cheese I use different cheeses like swiss, american, provolone, cheddar cheese or any other cheese you normally use on your sandwiches. =) Or if you none at all!!
    I guess you can just do what you like. Also I like mines with mayo..

    That looks great Jessy - yum!

    Thank you! I picked the lettuce fresh from my garden!

    Wow that's great!!! Better than any grocery store anywhere! :)

    Mmmm... I think I'm going to try switching mustard for the cream cheese.