Pinwheels - it seems are a popular appetizer people buy from the store and bring to events. But, every time I've had them in the past, the store-bought ones, I haven't liked them too much. They put some weird stuff in them. Sometimes less is more! :) I made these the other day for my son and he loved them! They're pretty filling and really simple to make - great for a summer day!

Step 1: Ingredients to Make Pinwheels

  • Flatbread (I bought Pinwheel Lavash Flatbread - near the Deli at Walmart)
  • Lunch Meat - turkey, chicken - or whatever you like
  • Lettuce
  • Cheese slices
  • Cream Cheese - the whipped variety is easiest to spread
  • *Optional - you can add anything else that you like!
These are a few of them
I made it but used a flour tortilla
<p>I replaced the flat bread with a medium size flour tortilla and the cream cheese with peppercorn ranch. it was awesome!!</p>
<p>hummus is also a good substitute spread to make it all stick</p>
I attempted this just now, but improvised too much.. lol
:) what did you add?:) yeah sometimes simpler is better! :)
Lol, I added a little ranch and thought I could substitute that for cream-cheese, also, I used a huge tortilla, and I stuffed a bit too much. :)
Ahh! :) I see! yeah it seems like the cream cheese is import. at least along the edges so it doesn't fall apart! But the ranch does sound good on it!!! :) I tried making these again with a different kind of wrap and it didn't work so well either!!!
Hahaha.. Geat Instuctable BTW
thanks Holly they look and bet they taste delicious ima try n make them sometime=D
thanks Holly they look and bet they taste delicious ima try n make them sometime=D
Hi Holly... Great instructable... They look delicious.. I make these all the time and it's great when on the road and for picnics/camping. I never had one with cream cheese but I will try it the next time I make it.. =)
Thanks!!! Yeah these are great for camping..what do you use for filler instead of cream cheese? :)
You're welcome!! Instead of the cream cheese I use different cheeses like swiss, american, provolone, cheddar cheese or any other cheese you normally use on your sandwiches. =) Or if you none at all!! <br>I guess you can just do what you like. Also I like mines with mayo..
Nice :)
Look at mine that I made for lunch!! They were delicious!
That looks great Jessy - yum!
Thank you! I picked the lettuce fresh from my garden!
Wow that's great!!! Better than any grocery store anywhere! :)
Mmmm... I think I'm going to try switching mustard for the cream cheese.
I know what I am eating for lunch tomorrow! :D
Equally delicious using a flour tortilla and filling with PB&amp;J or PB&amp;B (bananas)! <br>Now you've got me thinking that a little sweetened cream cheese would be a delicious addition! <br> <br>This is great, Holly! ;-P~
Yum!! That sounds so good too! Thanks!!
Thanks :-) ... Will try it for my daughter..... She's a terrible eater!
Good hope it helps - my son is kind of picky at times too. Glad I found something else he likes!
Those look good, now I'm hungry :-)
Thanks studleylee!!! :)
Delicious!! I will try to make one of this! :-)
:) Awesome! Very simple to make!
Oh yes!
I just had my dinner but seeing this I am hungry again :-). This looks so scrumptious Holly, thanks for sharing :-)
Thank you Tarun :)

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