This is my attempt to build the most advanced Pip-Boy 3000 on planet Earth, and I believe I've succeeded. It includes the following technologies:

  • 4d Systems 4.3" capacitive touch display
  • Adafruit 66 channel GPS
  • Sparkfun WTV020SD audio player
  • Adafruit L3GD20H 3-axis gyroscope
  • Adafruit LSM303 3-axis compass
  • Adafruit LSM303 3-axis accelerometer
  • Adafruit BMP180 barometric pressure/temperature sensor
  • Arduino Pro Mini 328p 5v 16MHz microcontroller
  • Adafruit PowerBoost 1000 power and charging system
  • 4400mAh LiPo power pack
  • 9 LED Flashlight
  • Frikin' Laser
  • TV-B-Gone circuit (turns off hundreds of models of TVs)
  • 3D printed PLA and laser cut acrylic body
  • Methane Gas sensor (used for RAD sensor)
  • Photon light detector

This instructable will go into great detail on how to construct and assemble the Pip-boy 3000 Mark II, allowing you to make your own. The project is 100% open source, and all files and source code will be available for download in the downloads step at the end. All parts can be obtained from places like Adafruit, Sparkfun, and eBay. The case is made with a 3D printer and laser cutter. You can buy the printed case if you don't have a printer. Other miscellaneous hardware can be found at any hardware store.

Let's get started!

Note - You can find the Mark I build here.

Step 1: Parts

These are the parts used to build the Mark II.

4.3" display

Adafruit GPS

Sparkfun audio player

Adafruit 10 DOF board

Arduino Pro Mini board

Adafruit PowerBoost 1000 board

4400mAh LiPo battery

9 LED Flashlight

Laser diode

TV-B-Gone circuit

Methane Gas sensor

Sparkfun light detector board

Custom IO board

You will have to make the custom IO board yourself. Its job is to create 3.3 volts and distribute the 5v and ground to all the parts listed above. It also takes many outputs from the display and drives the flashlight, laser and gas sensor. I will talk about the IO board and show you how to make your own in a separate step.

<p>thats a awesome proyect, but i have to ask..</p><p>did you cell it?</p>
No, it's still for sale! $1,000.<br><br>
<p>one more stupid question. when trying to compile the 4ds screen, i keep recieving cant resolve value of PAx for data OutPin[x} what am i doing wrong?</p>
<p>Make sure you have the correct display selected. It should be </p><p>ULCD-43DCT</p>
<p>Awesome thank you. I am trying to find a way to print these laser pieces in pla for sadly i have no laser cutter.........</p>
<p>trying to open the laser cut files. They are .rld what can i open them with?</p>
<p>Use this program:</p><p>http://rdworks.software.informer.com/8.0/</p>
<p>from a fallout standpoint, this is possably yhe worst pip boy ever. touchscreens break easaly. then your pip is a brick.</p>
<p>great work!!! I believe that Adafriut actually has a geiger counter now for the Pi. would you still be able to intergrate it into this pipboy? </p>
<p>would hear how much it would cost to buy such a mane to :)</p>
<p>I would sell this for one thousand dollars.</p>
<p>Great work! <br>I have a key fob called a &quot;NukeAlert&quot; <a href="http://www.nukalert.com/index_a.html">http://www.nukalert.com/index_a.html</a> </p><h4><strong><em>If you do nothing else at the website, read their myth-busting expose... near the bottom of their web page.</em></strong></h4><p>I found the NukeAlert key fob while surfing the Internet when looking for mods and stuff for Fallout 3 when it was at it's peak. NukaAlert has a tiny circuit board inside that could be added to that for the RAD detection part as well. Is Methane an early warning condition for detecting RADs?</p>
<p>No, but it will let you know who had beans for lunch. :-)</p>
<p>I will have to go with the clicker screamer device on mine then. There might be a real lady in the house who does not take kindly to people proving the old rhyme about girls incorrect. Maybe you've heard it, &quot;Girls are sugar and spice and everything nice.&quot;</p><p>I'm writing this way because I just got warned [ We have a &quot;be nice&quot; comment policy. Please be positive and constructive with your comments or risk being banned from our site. ] I got warned for typing the short version of laughing out loud, I'm almost sure I won't be able to tell you what happened when I proved to my older sister that, that rhyme was a myth and I busted it.</p>
<p>That is the most amazing Pip Boy I've ever seen!</p>
<p>this is actually really amazingly cool everyone knows how there was a massive scramble to get the pipboy edition of fallout 4 becuse everyone wanted basically what was a 100 pound phone case..... instead 3d print one </p>
And by the way.. how much?
<p>I will be putting it on eBay soon. I still need to get a pelican case and make a sign for it. </p>
Looks awesome, but why not go the extra mile and put a little light up gage in the cornner and find a different spot for the power switch.<br>Im not saying its not great, because it is. But if you are going to go that far with it, why not go all the way..?
<p>Basically I ran out out of ports on the microcontroller board and I was pushing the limits of how much I could fit in a small space. </p>
<p>You have the switch backwards. The line indicates that it's on(like a wire conducting electricity). Other than that, nice.</p>
<p>Haha oops. I'll have to fix that. </p>
And by the way.. how much?
<p>Nice work! You sir, are a geek after my own heart. I love the addition of the TV-B-Gone! </p>
<p>I need someone else to make it for me because I have no experience with, well, any of this.</p>
<p>this is awesome. How does everything thing work! I want one!</p>
<p>That is pretty darn cool!</p>
<p>Amazing work, by far the best of any functional or 3D printed Pip-Boys around! Granted it's really expensive but I bet you could make the circuits cables module so you could slowly buy the parts over time.</p>
<p>Nice work, if I had a 3D printer, I would have to make one. <br>I would use something more powerful than an arduino though, probably a C.H.I.P. or Raspberry Pi. </p>
How much was this to build?
<p>Aroound $450 in parts. </p>
<p>Really cool consept and exicution.</p>
Omg yes!! Must have one!! Lol thank you!
<p>Great documentation! Thanks for sharing!</p>

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