I needed a bed for my new place so i went to instructables.com (of course!) to find a good style. The best one that i liked is the pipe bed. The advantage to pipe beds is that they can be taken apart for shipping if plan to move. There are a few pipe bed instructables on here, so when i decided to make mine i had a pretty good idea of what i was getting into.

This bed took about an hour to put together. For the connectors i used speed-rail fittings, i was only able to find these online, but warning they are EXPENSIVE. For the 8 pieces i got (4 90 degree pieces and 4 foots) it was about $130. The pipes i used were 1 1/2" galvanized pipe from home depot, about $200 for that.

I topped everything off with two pieces of plywood. The bed currently measures 5 ft 7 in X 8ft X 2ft. The height gives a lot of storage but i think im going to lower it soon to make getting into it easier. I might cut the pipe shorter as well, due to the useless lip that acts currently as a clean clothing storage. With this size of bed, it wouldn't be hard to integrate some good storage.

I'm pretty happy with the result. If you are looking for cheap, build a wooden bed but if you want something that has that industrial feel and a lot of strength, then pipe beds are for you.
<p>could you use PVC to make it less expensive?</p>
I'm looking for an old iron bed like my Grandma had ! I'm a big boy &amp; need something that's not gonna &quot;Taco&quot; on me ! This is as close to that, so I love UR design !
Did you check into 'home building materials' warehouses ?<br>Raugh iron scaffolding pipes and connectors costs a lot less I guess ..
Glad you like your bed. Looks cool except I worry about getting enough air circulation around your mattress to prevent mold, etc. <br> <br>Check out AERAY's 'cheap easy low waste bed.' You might like his 'ible enough to redo your bed. Good luck! <br>MaryAnn
Ikea sell the bottom spring board sections for their beds seperate. Might be worth looking into instead of a bit of plywood.<br><br>Might involve putting a extra strut down the middle!
Just wondering, does it squeak when you get busy on it?
Is it a double bed?

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