Introduction: Pipe Cleaner Action Men

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Military dudes made out of pipe cleaners. Bobby pins used as weapons and pen cap as back pack. Plenty of more if you vote . Save money on action figures and make your own to aliens to guys .

Step 1: Tying

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Take 2 pipe cleaners and twist to make the legs at the top you should have two ends

Step 2: The Head

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Tie the tip , you should have a hole in the middle

Step 3: Head Continued

Picture of Head Continued

Ball the loop up like this you can add a googley eye for fun

Step 4: Arms and Weapons

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Take a separate pipe cleaner and wrap one arm around the upper body . For weapon use a normal bobby pin , first ask mom .

Step 5: Applying and Accessories

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Stick pipe cleaner mans arm are through back of bobby pin and meet the same arm. House hold items can be used. use your imagination .pen caps and other items can be used for backpack . Enjoy and save money.


DogeCarrot (author)2017-05-05

When you make an instructables account what benefits does it give you to verify it?

DogeCarrot (author)2017-05-05

I love pipe cleaner art!

DogeCarrot (author)2017-05-05

these are really col

derpmaster2001 (author)2013-07-23

these are awesome i made a couple and i used paperclips as guns instead of bobby pins

Thrasym (author)2013-01-26

Lol. Good stuff. Can't wait to see the aliens you come up with.

wruggles (author)Thrasym2013-01-29

Created a slender man check out

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