Introduction: Pipe Cleaner Flowers

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Here is a easy way to make beautiful flowers. You can bend em' and twist em' to make beautiful jewelry.

Step 1: Gather Materials

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Your materials are:
- 1 5" and 3/4 green pipe cleaner
- 1 5" and 3/4 yellow pipe cleaner
- 6 or less different colored pipe cleaners

Step 2: Line Em' Up

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Fold each small pipe cleaner in half. Then line up the open end of each small pipe cleaner to one end of the green pipe cleaner

Step 3: Rap It Round'

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Rap the yellow pipe cleaner around the tiny pipe cleaners, attaching them to the green pipe cleaner.

Step 4: Time to Design

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Bend or pull apart the little pipe cleaners to design the petals on your flower.

Step 5: Jewelry

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You can twist two or more pipe cleaners together to make a bracelet or necklace but you may have to cut the ends. You can twist one flower and make a ring.


Very cute! I love the different colored petals :)

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