When I saw the LED projects on Instructables starting to pop up I figured hmmm:  Red LED + brown fur covered wire (pipe cleaner) =  Rudolf!

So I scrounged my junk project drawer found some LEDs, a battery clip (with a still functioning flat battery), my stack of pipe cleaners from previous crafts and my soldering supplies... I was off...

Step 1: Battery Pack...

The first thing to check is to see if the battery was strong enough to power the LED using a full pipe cleaner as a wire.  I connected the battery to the pipe cleaner then to the LED. The LED lit up so I know this would work!

I figured the battery would be placed in the body and of course the red LED at the nose. So I started bending the pipe cleaner starting at the nose going around to the back. I needed it big enough to cover the battery pack and have the head somewhat proportional to the LED nose. At the point where the pipe cleaner reached the battery I cut it so there was enough to reach back to the bottom of the nose. I would be using a separate pipe cleaner for the legs and the antlers so it looked like it would be just enough.

Using my soldering iron I burnt off the fuzz of the pipe cleaner at the ends I needed to solder. I then soldered the pipe cleaner to the battery case leads.
Follow me plzz I'm new
Wow luv it its so easy to make and it's just so cool
You should try adding a button or a pipe cleaner switch.
If I were still working with <a href="http://www.plumbinghelptoday.com" rel="nofollow">plumbing services in Denver</a> I am sure that this would be a huge hit at the Christmas party. Very well done my friend.
Wicked idea. Cute as a button! How hot do the wires get though? I guess not too hot beside the window but, I wonder about other warmer areas with no draft.
As far as I can tell there is no heating up of the wire at all. I had them sitting on top of my TV for a month and did not notice any warmth at all when I touched them. Mabe the pipe cleaner fur acts as a heat sink? :-)
That's cool then. The TV top is probably one of the warmer spots of a house. I guess the LEDs don't pull enough power to heat things up, I'm not very electronic savvy but next Christmas, I think I know what everyone I know is getting. Haha.
very cool!

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