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Introduction: Pipe Cleaner Lilac Flowers

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These lilac flowers are so fun and easy to make. The assembly takes little time and they’re a great activity for kids and adults.

Step 1: Materials: 2 Pipe Cleaners (per Flower) and 1 Pencil

Step 2: Fold Your Green Pipe Cleaner in Half and Twist the Two Halves Together. (for Leaves Just Make a Loop and Continue Twisting the Rest of the Way Down)

Step 3: Repeat This Step With Your Purple Pipe Cleaner But With No Leaves.

Step 4: Wrap the Purple Pipe Cleaner Around Your Pencil and You Can Take It Off When Its As Curly As You Want.

Step 5: Attach the Ends of the Purple Pipe Cleaner to the End of the Green Pipe Cleaner.

Step 6: Wrap the Purple Curly Part Around the Green Pipe Cleaner Stem.

Step 7: Repeat These Steps to Make More Flowers.



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Those are cute :)