Step 6: Slats

Picture of Slats
Use the 1x8 wood to make slats that will form the support for your mattress. use three 2x4 pieces to hold the slats together, use woodscrews to hold the whole thing together
meowzebub5 years ago
why isthe 2x4 attached on edge? wouldn't it be sturdier (as well as easier) to use a heavier screw into the "4"" side? pardon if this is a foolish question, I'm totally self-taught, very basic carpenter.
Due to the Physics of material deflection. The thicker an object is in the direction of the net force, the less deflection it has thus making it the stronger configuration. 
Oh, Limor - is there anything you cannot do? Seriously, you're one of my nine heroes.
Great idea it will be put to use soon!
gizmovision9 years ago
From the pictures it looks like they are wedged in there... These pipes also make great clothes rods (Heavy Duty) run some link chain from your ceiling to an eye bolt and do the same with a second or third pipe chain combo. I did this in my basement many years ago the second pipe is now hanging from the ceiling because the cat likes to walk through the clothes... I used the rubber crutch feet for safety ends. dsc_0310b is/was the top pole and dsc_0311b is/was the bottom pole. You can see the caps in both pictures. and the 3/8" rod I bent to make the hooks a double nut or lock nut holds them in place and a 3/8" coupler held the two "hooks" together.(sorry about fuzzy pictures I took them w/o enough light, I should have plugged the shop light in) Hope this helps your pipe dreams... ~Joe
mlherbe9 years ago
How did you attach the 2x4's to the pipes? Especially the 2x4 down the middle of the bed.. It looks awesome. I might make a tv stand with this same concept.
Spinergy9 years ago
You can adjust the feel of the bed by changing the size/ spacing of the support slats. Wider boards as shown will give a quite firm feel. Smaller (1"x4") slats will give the bed a softer, more springy feel... just have to use more of them. For people w/o tools... no problem. The lumber yard/ home center will chop the boards to size for you... same with cutting the pipe.