Hey. I had some PVC Piping from some old Marshmallow Guns, so I decided to make a better one than the three I had. I'd say it is, considering it was all my idea for construction EXCEPT the clip for the Marshmallow Version. That goes to paperclip533 . Anyway, this gun can be used for Mini Marshmallows (to shoot, of course!) or just to do whatever you would do with a fake scope. =)

Step 1: The Parts

You Will Need:

9x-- X Pieces (6: 3/4 in pipe pieces and 3: 1/2 inch pipe pieces)
4x-- 45 Degree Pieces (2: 3/4 inch and 2:1/2 inch)
2x-- 90 Degree Piece (3/4 inch)
6x-- T Pieces (3: 3/4 inch, 1: 1/2 inch, and 2: <-3/4 inch->/v-2 inch-v(meaning the straight part is 3/4, the other is 1/2))
1x-- 4 inch long pipe
1x-- 4 1/2 inch long pipe
1x-- 6 inch long pipe
1x-- 6 1/2 inch long pipe
1x-- 8 inch long pipe
2x-- 1 1/2 inch long pipe

***** X Pieces are 1 inch pieces of pipe used to connect 2 parts with little or none of it showing *****
This is a pretty good gun. With the 3/4 inch pipe, it doesn't fire as far. It fires amazingly far with the 1/2 inch pipe, but can't have a clip because the clip jams. 4/5.

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