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I needed a desk lamp for one of the computer desks in my study, and couldn't find one that fit my needs.  I wanted a lamp that would be adjustable both in height and reach, and it had to fit within a fairly small space.  Also, it had to look a bit unusual so it would go with everything else in the room.  I took a look around my shop, and guess what?  I had almost all the parts I needed to build just such a lamp.

Step 1: Materials required

Picture of Materials required
The materials I used for this lamp were as follows:

- the sprocket from a bicycle (the big one from the crank)
- two 18" lengths of 1/2 inch threaded iron pipe
- one pipe floor flange
- one pipe "T" fitting (1/2 3/4 3/4 threads)
- one 1/2" 45 degree pipe fitting
- one 1/2" 90 degree pipe fitting
- two 3/4" copper tubing couplers
- one lamp socket
- one 9' extension cord
- one rubber bushing
- one old mechanic's trouble light


Nice instrucable! I still don't understand though is how the lamp bar moves up and down without a locking mechanism when it is adjusted?

SIRJAMES0911 months ago

SWEET! : )

I'm already thinking of how I could make this with PVC pipes & fittings. :)

I love it!

TY for sharing Sir.

zaston1 year ago
Very cool lamp man. I especially liked that idea to use the shade from the trouble light, might need to try that myself. Keep up the good work. :)
sid983 years ago
nice handy one
knife141 (author)  sid983 years ago
Thanks for the comment.!
Winged Fist3 years ago
Very nice design knife141! I've been thinking about a design like his myself... I think this would qualify as "Dieselpunk." Thought you might like to know that a lamp of similar design sold on ebay recently, after a bidding war, for about $250 (if I recall correctly).

Industrial lamp.jpg
knife141 (author)  Winged Fist3 years ago
Thanks for your comment. I got the idea from some lamps I saw in a store -- they wanted $400 for each one. That convinced me to make my own!
vistastores3 years ago
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Desk Lamp in Burnished Wood Tone Finish.jpg