Step 5: Done!

That's all there was to it!  The mounting allows for the shroud to be rotated, and the top pipe to swivel up and down, and in and out of the "T" fitting.

This design allows for a lamp with a relatively small footprint to provide just the right amount of light where I need it.  And since this lamp was made from mostly junk parts, the price was right, too!
<p>Can you show how the lamp bar moves up and down without a locking mechanism? It actually looks like it is fixed.</p>
<p>Nice instrucable! I still don't understand though is how the lamp bar moves up and down without a locking mechanism when it is adjusted?</p>
<p>SWEET! : )</p><p>I'm already thinking of how I could make this with PVC pipes &amp; fittings. :)</p><p>I love it!</p><p>TY for sharing Sir.</p>
Very cool lamp man. I especially liked that idea to use the shade from the trouble light, might need to try that myself. Keep up the good work. :)
nice handy one
Thanks for the comment.!
Very nice design knife141! I've been thinking about a design like his myself... I think this would qualify as &quot;Dieselpunk.&quot; Thought you might like to know that a lamp of similar design sold on ebay recently, after a bidding war, for about $250 (if I recall correctly).<br> <br> <div> &nbsp;</div>
Thanks for your comment. I got the idea from some lamps I saw in a store -- they wanted $400 for each one. That convinced me to make my own!
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