As a pop can collector there comes a time when the pop cans need to be crushed to save space. A friend always said why do it the easy way when you can do it *** backwards. Not sure what it meant but I'm sure this can be considered the hard way of crushing pop cans. Yet it is very entertaining and the crusher can double as a tennis ball launcher as well. After a hard days of work just load up the tennis balls and have a good launching. Maybe they will fly high enough to go into outer spay. JK the range is like 10-20ft depending on how strong you are at pulling the string back.

Tennis Launcher Video --- Demo of using device to launch a tennis ball ---

Pop can crusher demo video


Step 1: Materials

OK, the main material is something I have never before heard of but it does exists as I found two of them at a garage sale.
one - 2" long PVC Pipe (size depends on the next item)
one - Garage door deceleration dampers (No idea where to get one, Instead you can use a spring a pipe and a cap of some sort to be around the two inch size. It needs to be able to slide inside the 2" PVC Pipe)
one - 2" to 3/4"PVC DWV Reducing Coupling
one - 3 in. x 2 in. PVC DWV Reducing Coupling

PVC Cement and Primer
Spray Paint for Plastic
Dremel with bit (opt use a file)
Masking tape (Frog Tape)

<p>Just hit the cans with a sledgehammer.</p>
This is sooooooooo cool!

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