We made a pipe shelf via The Brick House and wanted to accent the openings in our unit. Using pipe for fixtures/anything is a wonderful alternative due to the ease of putting it together (just screwing in one joint to another), sturdy (it's metal!), and cost (each part can range from a couple cents to less than $10). So here's our "accent" light instructable...

Step 1: Supplies

In making any pipe project, everything is about planning. Here, we knew the style we wanted (just a light to overhang) and went to the hardware store were we mixed/matched parts till we got what we envisioned.

The hardest part was figuring out what light to use - initially we thought we would just drop a wire through the pipe and make our own light, but due to cost and the fact that we have never fused/made lights from scratch, we just found lights that we took apart.

Remember to make sure all the parts fit together - we found that we could pop off the clip to the light and easily screw in the light to the 3/8" coupling. Hence, everything is based off this diameter, but if you want a thicker pipe, you can easily find couplings that go from one size to another.

And we used gas pipe (black) because it was slightly cheaper - the steel costs the most.

Technically, here is what we used, and again, the diameter was 3/8".
4x- 4" pipe
4x - flange
4x - 90 degree elbow
4x - 3/8" going to 3/8" coupling
spray paint
4x- screw and washer (short enough that it will not go through the wood shelf)
4x - lights

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