Picture of Pipe Photo Frame
Picture 040.jpg
A steampunk photo frame made out of copper tube, elbows, T's and brass connectors.
Because I live in Europe and all the hardware is in cm/mm I won't use the "inch" standard, but this project can be made in different copper and fitting sizes ( as long as they all fit together).

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Step 1: Materials, tools and dimensions

Picture of Materials, tools and dimensions
Picture 044.jpg
Picture 045.jpg
1. A piece of copper pipe about 1 m long. I used a pipe that had 15mm on the interior and the width of the wall of .7 mm.
    - 4 pieces, 12 cm long each.
    - 2 pieces, 3.5 cm long each
    - 2 pieces, 3 cm long each
    - 1 piece, 12.5 cm long
    - 1 piece,  6 cm long
    - 1 piece, 2.5 cm long
2. 6 elbows that fit exactly on the pipe ( first picture)
3. 2 T connector that fit exactly on the pipe (first picture)
4. 2 copper tube caps that fit exactly on the pipe.
5. a brass connector that fits on the pipe ( second picture)
6. 2 plexiglass pieces each 14.5 cm / 14.5 cm ( third picture) that are 2 mm in width.

- Dremel 300
- Copper pipe cutter( 4'th picture)
- fine sand paper
- file
- torch for soldering ( 5'th picture)
- solder
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Dunno, i kind of like the oxidized aspect.
That stand looks very smooth.