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Introduction: Pipe Tools, Garden Shovel

I picked up some 10' pieces of 1.25" galvanized chain-link fence pipe for $1 each at a garage sale once. I can't believe how many uses these things have, from making a pole saw to making the shovel listed here. The walls of the pipe are sturdy but not too thick for easy working.

Garden Shovel

I used a hack saw, tin snips, a file, pliers and a hammer to make this shovel.

1 piece of 1.25" dia. galvanized fence pipe.
Maybe some duct tape for comfort.

Step 1: Mark and Cut Pipe

Mark a "T" like in the picture. Clamp the pipe and use a hack saw to cut the "T".
For the cross cut, don't go too far into the pipe or you'll lose strength in the tool.

Step 2: Bend and Shape

Open the pipe with some pliers and then a hammer to shape it a little.

Mark a "V" shape on the blade and cut however possible, I used tin snips.

Step 3: Clean and Make Pretty

File or grind the sharp edges and smooth it out.

Wrap the handle with duct tape for better grip.

Drill a hold in the handle for hanging on the wall or mounting to a longer wooden handle .



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    Moved into a new apartment with some dirt out front, thought of this instructable and decided to make a trowel and start gardening. The last couple of trowels I've bought have ended up bent rather quickly from the New Mexico dirt so I found a nice thick pipe to use. Check it out!


    That looks pretty heavy duty; I'm glad it's working well for you. That's for posting the picture.

     This is so going to be my hygiene trowel for backpacking now. You're the best.

    This was in Farm Show Magazine

    this is a really good idea!. not something I've seen before

    Gotta say, Robbtoberfest, your instructables are really doing it for me. You've got some solid ideas and quick and dirty approaches that make it easy to get into and fun. How about tin snipping one side a bit on the shovel to make a back saw on it, real subtle but enough to grab little roots or slash some small brush when getting into the ground? Just throwing it out. Keep on with these, much appreciated.

    great instructable, great for so many uses. from gardening to gifts to survival tool! I have 2 ideas. at the ends of the T and the joint drill a hole first. the metal will then be less likely to split on those bends. with the holes there you can abuse the hell out of it, and the mild steel is less likely to split, and will bend back easily id think? on the adding a film cannister for matches etc. i use a mini m&m;'s container. twice the size! great for bandages and aspirin, and anything else you can stuff in there. i gave you a + for this one. thanks

    Great idea, thanks!<br/>I instantly made my own garden shovel after I found your instruction.<br/>Mine is made out of a somewhat bigger stainless steel pipe. See<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.hobby-werkstatt-blog.de/garten/146-selbstbau-einer-pflanzschaufel.php">my first edition</a> and <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.hobby-werkstatt-blog.de/werkzeug/179-update-pflanzschaufel-selbst-bauen.php">the enhanced edition</a> in my blog.<br/>

    Wow-awesome instructable! I want to make a set from different sizes of pipe for myself and my gardener buddies---will have to keep on in the car for emergencies too! I will use film canisters for matches, etc in the hollow for a little survivor tool---a girl can never be too prepared!

    Good idea with the film canister. I've also made one with a serrated side for sawing roots. Putting some fishing tackle in the handle would be cool too.