Picture of Pipe-organ-inspired cardboard tube table

Step 1: Gather your materials

For this project you need:
1. Between 15 and 20 cardboard tubes measuring 56" long and with wall thickness of approximately 1/8." If substituting mailing tubes make sure you have a lot of them.
2. Gorilla glue--You can probably use another kind of glue, but I had this lying around and for some reason I felt like using it. If you use Gorilla Glue you should also have a sponge and water source handy to dampen the materials before applying glue.
3a. A saw.
3b. (Optional but really kind of important ) A miter box.
4. String or twine of some sort--I used some cotton yarn remnants from my ex-girlfriend's knitting project (with her permission of course! We are on good terms!).
5. A pencil you don't mind ruining.
6. Another writing implement for marking.
7. A measuring tape or other measuring device.
8. A tarp that you don't mind trashing. A garbage bag might also work.

Some optional tools and supplies include:
Paint and method for applying paint
Plexiglass or corruguated cardboard to make a flat top surface for the table
A coping saw (for cutting the plexiglass)
An exacto knife

Okay. I think that's it!
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justinhyp5 years ago
Put different color LEDs in each of the tubes! would be AWESOME
moseph (author)  justinhyp5 years ago