Picture of Piranha Weave Bracelet
This is a fun and easy bracelet for beginners or intermediate level paracord bracelet makers. It is best done on a paracord jig which plans can be found on this website. Sorry if the pictures are bad I'm doing this on my tablet.
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Step 1: Materials needed

Picture of Materials needed
1:About 7 to 10 feet of paracord
3:Butane lighter
4:1/2 buckle
5:Paracord jig (optional)

Step 2: Paracord Lengths

Picture of Paracord Lengths
First you need to get the paracord, I'm making a double color, so on my red I have it about a foot longer for the base color (what you weave on) then I melted them together.

Step 3: Starting

Picture of Starting
First you need to string the paracord on the buckle halves.

Step 4: The Started Weave

Picture of The  Started Weave
For this step make a regular cobra weave.

Step 5: Next

Picture of Next
Now take the right hand cord and go through the middle.

Step 6: Then

Picture of Then
Take the left hand cord and go under the right hand cord and through the middle.

Step 7: Repeat

Picture of Repeat
Repeat step 6 on the other side.

Step 8: Keep Going

Picture of Keep Going
Keep repeating steps 6 and 7 to make the bracelet.

Step 9: Last Step

Picture of Last Step
Once you have no more room for anymore weaves do another cobra weave (as in step one) then melt and your done.

Step 10:

Picture of
Thanks for reading feel free to leave comments, suggestions, and tips.

The pics were very clear and really helped me understand the pirhana weave. Thanks.

caiano-991 year ago

this is also called the sharks tooth weave

Isn't that a viper weave?
MandalorianMaker (author) 1 year ago
I'm commenting!