Picture of Pirate Costume Corset Top
Hey there, Landlubbers!  Or, uh, ahoy!  Yep.  That's it... Ahoy!

Here's the first step to making a stellar pirate costume for the little lady in your life-- the pirate corset top!

I did the tutorial on the top that has the RED in the front and BLACK on the sides-- just so you don't get confused! :)
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Step 1: Cutting your pieces

Picture of cutting your pieces
Cut out your pattern pieces.  They're all rectangles-- woohoo!

2-- black side panels, 9" x 11"
2-- red front and back panels, 6" x 11"
2-- red straps, 3" x 16"
(not shown) 1-- red ruffle, 4" by width of fabric (roughly 48")

Step 2: Prepping your loops

Picture of Prepping your loops
Take one red front panel mark (I did it from the bottom), 1 inch up, then 4 more inches, then 4 more.  Do the same on the other side of that same panel.

Cut 6 pieces of tiny rick-rack, about 3 inches each.  Loop them and pin them at the marks you just made.  You'll see that I like to leave a little tail, but make sure you take your seam allowance into account when judging the size of your loops.

Tack the loops in place, to make your life easier. :)

Step 3: Sewing the bodice

Picture of sewing the bodice
Place black panel, right sides together, to that panel and sew up the side.  Finish with a zig-zag.  Do the same with the other black panel on the other side.

Then sew your other red panel to the black panels so you have a loop.
That is wonderful! She is so adorable in that costume :)
Thanks! She's my tough little pirate! ;)