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Introduction: Pirate Hideout Treehouse

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This is just a rough overview of the treehouse I built. I did not take pictures of all the small steps I took or all the hardware I used. You can find all that info in any "build a treehouse book".

Step 1: The First Board

The first board is always the hardest, started with an 8ft 2x6 and a lag.

Step 2: Support and Floor

I used 2x6 to box in floor and 2 10ft 4x4 posts for additional support. I used decking boards for deck.

Step 3: Frame

I used 2x4 for frame and windows from Lowes. Picture of my son helping with frame...
The house itself is 8ft by 8ft but left it 2 feet long in from for a porch and ladder.

Step 4: Walls

For the inside I used plywood and cut around tree limbs. On the outside I used treated wood fencing. My brother and Papa hard at work...

Step 5: Door and Ladder

I built my own door using deck boards and screwed together using Z pattern. Ladder is made of 2 2x6 and side and 2x4's for steps

Step 6: Roof

I used 2x6 for support with osb board over top, framed in a sunroof and shingled the rest.

Step 7: Decor

I bought most of the decor from eBay, ship wheel, lantern, flag and skull and crossbones carpet.

Step 8: Finish

Turned out to be a nice camping spot for me and my boys, I put an inflatable mattress and computer for movies. Grandfather and grandson enjoying the camp out...

Step 9: Time and Cost

I took about 100 hours to build with the spare time me and my father had. Total project cost about 1800$. We had a great time building it, and my kids absolutely love having a place of their own.



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it sgood how much does that cost

In case you're interested johnkry19:

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For more information, rules as well as the application and releases needed to have a treehouse considered for this special, "Treehouse Masters: Ambushed", please visit our website here: TreehouseMastersCasting.com

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Ok will do Thank you!

Great, Top Tip put a bolt on the outside and lock the kids in!! :-)

Great job! Take a break from the electronics -get some books and tells some stories! Hardy Boys ! Tom Swift ...

Great Dad! Best part is the memories and bond formed building it. Your son will remember this time with his Dad for the rest of his life!

Way to go John.