Picture of Pirate Map
When kid, I used to make my own pirate maps painting a paper with brown shoe polish and burning the edges, but they always ended turn apart, so I make my cousin a durable one made of a piece of khaki fabric  I found.

Step 1: Your design

Picture of Your design
First, draw the map on paper, i traced Costa Rica from a real map to include it. I came with the idea of make the islands look like an ouroboros, the dragon that bites his tail. And after ending the map, trace it on the fabric.
chicopluma (author)  Darren Krieger1 year ago
mh76dk3 years ago
But where is the big X that marks the spot?!
chicopluma (author)  mh76dk3 years ago
in the center island, but its not that big
Sneaky! :)

It is however a very nice looking map
That is pretty awesome! What kid doesn't want an awesome looking pirate map!