When kid, I used to make my own pirate maps painting a paper with brown shoe polish and burning the edges, but they always ended turn apart, so I make my cousin a durable one made of a piece of khaki fabric  I found.

Step 1: Your design

First, draw the map on paper, i traced Costa Rica from a real map to include it. I came with the idea of make the islands look like an ouroboros, the dragon that bites his tail. And after ending the map, trace it on the fabric.
I made my own out of a sheet of leather. I drew an island from the book &quot;pirateology&quot;. Then I coloured it with markers. I put the code on the back. <br>Thanks for inspiring me!
But where is the big X that marks the spot?!
in the center island, but its not that big
Sneaky! :)<br><br>It is however a very nice looking map
That is pretty awesome! What kid doesn't want an awesome looking pirate map!

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