Picture of Pirate Parrot Puppet
Hey guys I decided to make a fat parrot puppet Took me about 50 hours to make ( I'm not a professional haha)
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Step 1: What You Need

Picture of What You Need
Fabric ( various colours) , scissors, thread & needle, pen , paper , buttons , food stick , fish tank filter and finally creativity :P

Step 2: Make A Template

Picture of Make A Template
11 5:02 PM.jpg
Make a template to create the body of the parrot Then cut out 4 from this template

Step 3: Make Wings

Picture of Make Wings
11 5:02 PM.jpg
I made a wing shape out of paper , and cut 4 of this shape , sew them together and fill with fish tank filter Then attach the wings in between between the two sides

Step 4: Sew Up The Body

Picture of Sew Up The Body
11 5:02 PM.jpg
Sew the rest of the body together When you so the last seam make sure to leave lots of extra thread so that you can later invert it

Step 5: Invert The Body

Picture of Invert The Body
11 5:02 PM.jpg
11 5:02 PM.jpg
11 5:02 PM.jpg
11 5:02 PM.jpg
Invert the body so that it is visibly appealing , then put fish tank filter in it to make it full I added a stocking full of beans in the bottom so that it will always sit up Pull the tread to Finnish the seam and the body is almost complete!

Step 6: Make Some Feathers !

Picture of Make Some Feathers !
11 5:02 PM.jpg
11 5:02 PM.jpg
Take a long strip of material and fold it several times as in the image above Cut a feather shape , this makes many feathers at once

Step 7: Sew On The Feathers

Picture of Sew On The Feathers
11 5:02 PM.jpg
Sew on each individual feather to the body now

Step 8: Make The Beak And Head

Picture of Make The Beak And Head
11 5:02 PM.jpg
11 5:02 PM.jpg
11 5:02 PM.jpg
I made up a bunch of shapes to create the beak and head I filled it with the same filler as the body I used a stick for food and covered it in fabric

Step 9: Leather Pirate Accessory

Picture of Leather Pirate Accessory
I used a strip of leather to Create this accessory and to cover where the head will be mounted

Step 10: Add The Head

Picture of Add The Head
Sew on his head and cover the seam with the leather strap

Step 11: Eyes!! ^_^

Picture of Eyes!! ^_^
11 6:27 PM.jpg
Sew buttons on for eyes ^_^

Step 12: Used Your Puppet

Picture of Used Your Puppet
It's time to create some pirate evil hehe , hope you guys enjoyed the journey :)
So cute! Very nicely done :)