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My little daughter is learning and playing about pirates at school and we decide to build our own ship.
We have not tried to reproduce a real ship, just to have a couple of funny weekends without TV :-)

Step 1:

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Like the skull the materials are:
  • cardboard
  • tape
  • glue
  • a cork
  • chopsticks
  • rope
  • a cloth
  • paints.

We started painting the ship ribs on the cardboard.
We painted four ribs, two for the stern castle, one for the prow and another in the middle

Step 2:

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We cut some bands of soft cardboard and we used three or four of them to build the ship skeleton.

Step 3:

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Wait for some minutes to get consistency and then, start to glue more bands to cover the ribs.

We cut a piece of hard cardboard to create the boat deck. We stared with biggest piece and we cut step by step until get a piece which could be introduced on the boat shell.

Then we add the details, a couple of mast poles, cells under the deck,...

Step 4: Cover the Boat With Hard Cardboard Pieces

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Step 5: It's Time to Paint and Dress

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Finally, some paint and dress.

Step 6: And... Voila!!

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This is the final result


onrust (author)2013-05-24


onrust (author)2013-05-24


onrust (author)2013-05-24


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