Well since Pirate's are all the rage right now and my son loves them we did a Pirate theme for his birthday this year. As I was looking on how to make a pirate ship cake I noticed there weren't to many detailed instructions on how to do this, just pictures of the finished cake. So I put this together to help inspire people to get creative with their cakes!!! Have fun and I hope you enjoy this instructable as much as I did doing it!

Step 1: Making the Cake

First of all you always want to make sure you have enough cake to make your idea come to life. For this cake I baked a 9x13 cake, a 8x8 square cake and a 8" oval cake. The right cake plate is a big part of your cake also, it makes for the perfect presentation. OOh Ahh factor, so for this cake I used a silver platter I had that is actually for a turkey or ham, it was perfect! Then I proceeded to place the pieces, cut where necessary and form the shape of the cake. On this cake I used a chocolate buttercream frosting and made chocolate mousse for the filling between layers.
my wife has started to make cakes for special events, the part we always have problems with is smoothing the icing. most recipes say to use fondue but we hate fondant. you didnt use fondant and your icing looks great so whats your secret for smoothing out the icing?
Make sure your frosting is light and fluffy and to check that get a big scoop on a knife and fling it onto your cake, if it comes off easily then you are good. Then get a cup of hot water and dip your knife in it. <br><br>Do not do that when you are doing a crumb coating though. Your crumb coating should be thin but not wet as you want that to harden over the crumbs to keep it out of the frosting. <br><br>Also, use a lot, it makes things easier. Think of painting over a dark color, you wouldn't use a thin coat to cover it, you would use a thick coat, same for frosting. One of my favorite frostings is from kraftfoods.com, look up fluffy coconut frosting. I just don't use the coconut, but this is one of the more tasty frostings I have used! <br><br>Let me know if you have any other questions =)<br><br>PS - do you know the paper trick when baking your cake? take just plain printer paper and put it on the bottom of your cake pan and pour your batter right ontop of it. you don't have to grease because the paper absorbs the oil and your cake will come right out, just be careful pulling the paper off so you don't rip a corner off!<br><br>Hope that helps, have fun baking!
Or you could make a ninja cake and not give everyone food poisoning.
What a fun cake idea, thanks, much peace and good things
Perfect for your buddies that like to download stuff illegally!
Some OJ will always clear that up, lol.
ya, but it's like the piracy comes to you! all you have to do is ask!
Even if you don't ask lol...
on "some" occasions, ya
Drive-by Piracy. It's the worst. lol Love the pic.
my cousin almost died from Drive-by Piracy
This cake rocks. In my list of best cakes ever. (List is now two cakes long, lol.) Right up there with the animated Halloween cake.
Nice cake, good use of "materials". However, (no offense to your cake), but I think your real accomplishment is in the overall presentation. The table of everything and how it all comes together is awesome.
Hey this is the husband of the cake artist. I just want to say thanks for all of the positive comments, I could tell by watching my wife as she read them, that they mean a lot! SO, thanks again! R
A very nice cake, you have a lucky son...
Yeah it is a unique way to let them know how much I love them!
Yar, it be looking delicious! <br/>Ye needs to be making one fer <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.talklikeapirate.com/">Talk Like a Pirate Day</a><br/>
That was where my fab skull and crossbones came from =)<br/>
This is possibly the coolest easy to make cake I have ever seen.
OMG, that is the best comment, THANKS!!!

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