Step 2: Bake the Cakes

We baked a tripled recipe of cake from a box(for time purposes), and divided it between a 9x13 and half sheet cake(1.5 boxes in each pan).

Let the cakes cool completely before handling. 
<p>Hey this turned out great! I'm going to make a model <a href="http://www.modelsinbottles.com" rel="nofollow">ship in a bottle</a> for my nephew and my sister has been looking for a cake idea for his birthday. I'm sending her this. Thanks!</p>
This is amazing... thank you so much for putting so much detail in the instructions. I am about to get started on one for my grandson this weekend and was wondering what did you do to get the shine on the &quot;wood&quot; - fondant? <br>Dornvince
That is a great pirate ship cake! Love all the details!
Fantastic! It was a great idea to cut the fondant into strips, it really does look like wooden planks.

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