Step 4: Determine the Basic Shape of Your Cake

Sketch out a basic shape for the ship.  Ours had two upper levels on the back that were offset by about an inch off the back of the cake.  We also had a smaller level in the front of the ship.

Once you have the basic shape of the base layer, carefully carve the stacked cakes into that shape.  Hold off on the upper levels(that's in the next step.)
<p>Hey this turned out great! I'm going to make a model <a href="http://www.modelsinbottles.com" rel="nofollow">ship in a bottle</a> for my nephew and my sister has been looking for a cake idea for his birthday. I'm sending her this. Thanks!</p>
This is amazing... thank you so much for putting so much detail in the instructions. I am about to get started on one for my grandson this weekend and was wondering what did you do to get the shine on the &quot;wood&quot; - fondant? <br>Dornvince
That is a great pirate ship cake! Love all the details!
Fantastic! It was a great idea to cut the fondant into strips, it really does look like wooden planks.

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