Step 4: Frosting

Frost the insides of the large pieces of cake and place them on top of each other.
I used your cake and icing recipe - delicious. Then followed the instructions. Will try to post picture. Party guests wanted to order cakes from me and my 3 yr grandson was mesmerized
 Your cake looks great.  I made a pirate ship cake for my daughter's birthday last year, with a vegan chocolate cake as the base - but made the icing pink and had a jolly roger on on sail and a fairy on the other - she was turning 5 and wanted a 'pirate and fairy' party - this was perfect - a pink pirate ship was perfect and the kids loved it!
Ohhhhh cool!&nbsp;Aren't these types of cakes so much fun to make???&nbsp;I would love your vegan cake recipe if you care to share&nbsp;:)&nbsp;I'm no where close to being a vegan but I sure do love the way vegan cakes taste and the one I've been making is super easy. <br /> <br /> Take care,<br /> <br /> Ericka <br />
<a href="http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Eggless-Chocolate-Cake-II/Detail.aspx" rel="nofollow">allrecipes.com/Recipe/Eggless-Chocolate-Cake-II/Detail.aspx</a>&nbsp;<br /> The one I use is from this site - but I tried a recipe from the instructables website last night that gave the advice of replacing the oil with apple puree - and i liked that much more than cooking with oil. &nbsp;The recipe I linked to makes enough for the pirate ship (it took me by surprise the first time I made it as the metric link I was using hid the fact that it was over 5 cups of flour - which would have been the hint that it was going to be a LOT of cake!)<br /> <br /> I am not vegan either but have a number of friends or friends of my children who have allergies to dairy, egg, etc, so this cake, made with a dairy free margarine (in australia it is called nuttelex, although it contains no nuts either) means that everyone can eat the cake and be part of the fun without worrying about allergic reactions and trips to the hospital.<br />
&nbsp;my son loves pirates and he would love this cake. &nbsp;He'd probably not let anyone eat so that it can last forever.&nbsp;
I was very impressed with the instructions that you had for the pirate ship cake. I had my wife help me and we used your ideas and added some of our own to make a pirate ship cake for a friends son on his three year birthday party. The cake was a big hit and I would like you to see what it turned out like. We were very pleased since it is only the third carved cake we have made.
Thanks for the compliment on the pirate ship cake erigeeka. I have pictures of the rust bucket from Ben ten along with a bingo card I made for my wife on her birthday if you would care to see them. I realky do appreciate the comments from you!!
Ohhh, YES send me the pics please :)
I have a step by step set of instructions for the Rust Bucket cake if you would like me to post them after you see if it looks good enough to post. I made this cake for my grandchildren who happen to be 5 years old and one is a boy and the other is a girl. The cake was a big hit at the party and it served about 35 people. It was three layers of cake and except for the satelite dishes on the roof top and the small rail around them the rest of the cake was edible.
Oh, cool! I'd like to give that one a go - please post instructions!
Canida; Thanks for the comment on the cake. Which one would like the step by step instructions for? Drop me a note and I will give you tye step by step instructions for any of my cakes. Thanks Dave
I say make an instructable for both. They're really cool looking. =D<br/>
The bingo card was just a quick simple surprise for my wife's birthday . I made the two 9x13 cakes the day before and kept it in the basement until she went to bingo in her birthday. I just put the two cakes together and frosted them as one large card. I used significant date numbers such as our childrens ages, birthdates,etc. to fill the squares. I used her birthdate and age to give her a bingo on the card. It was a real surprise to her and it was fun to make.
Oh wow! This came out great, you did a wonderful job!! I love the gummy sharks swimming at the bottom too :) Thanks for sharing and I'm glad you found my instructables easy to follow.
I just made this cake for my sons 3rd bday party! I surrounded it with cupcakes cut in 1/2 and topped wiht blue and white frosting so the ship was in the ocean. Plus there were tons of people so i just needed more than the cake to feed! I took photos. My cake didn't turn out as great as the ones here, I don't know what i did different or wrong, but either way it was well worth the effort,thanks again!
I like your cake. It is a little less busy, so it is easier to see everything. The cupcake idea was cool!
Is there a way i could make it with all edible stuff?
I'm almost thinking i should make a practice cake! I want to use the bar pan because i like the look of the larger cake, I'm trying to picture,though, cutting a bar pan cake through the middle. I don't see it rising that high to cut in half lenthwise, do you have any tips on handling such a large, thin piece of cake? ..I guess I could make 2 bar pans...anyway, thought i'd check. I have 2 weeks till party still, part of me wants to make a practice one, the other part just wants your phone number and pick your brain! haha. I did the 3d dinosaur cake on this site and itcame out great, no practice run, but for some reason i'm freakin out a little more on thsi cake, and it seems so much easier!
question: i notice that you specified 2 different options for cake pans. Having read thru the instructions and picturing it all in my head, can you think of any reason why making this in a 9x13 would NOT work? Or does the shape of the 2 options you've provided work differently in a way i'm not thinking of. Thanks!
So glad you find the cake instructions easy to follow :0) As far as the different sizes for the cake pans go, I mentioned two different size pans for the two cakes I made. I just happen to use a two different sizes for each of the cakes. You can use whatever size you wish.
ERIGEEKA,thank you thank you thank you for takingthe time to put up this instructible. I've been planning a pirate party for months now looking online for pirate cakes that i liked, and really could not find any that not only i liked, but that had any decent directions to go with. Your instructible was posted after the last time i searched so imagine my excitement when i found yours. I just read thru the entire thing step by step and i'm so excited to use your great directions to make the cake!! stwbrry.
This is amazing!!! I'll have to convince my mom to make me one of these, as I have absolutly no artistic skill. Great job! +1 rating +1 vote
Thanks for the pos feedback and rating!! I'm sure you have plenty of creativity to create a pirate ship cake. Just have fun with it :)
Haha. A lot of fun indeed! Well, I guess practice makes perfect....
That is awesome. Great work.
Very creative... lots of great ideas in there... for me to steal for my next cake!
Very cute. I like the candles as cannons on the side. Nice touch =)<br/>
I love all things piraty. Yo ho ho and avast there mateys! This gets my vote - aaaargh!
Sweet thanks :) I got this cake idea after receiving this cool pirate ship kite. <br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://flickr.com/photos/glorybox/134940198/">http://flickr.com/photos/glorybox/134940198/</a><br/><br/>
Cool! Great Instructable! Looks Tasty Thanks Joe
Dang it I just started making a pirate ship cake today and ya beat me to it o well I'll submit anyway but this'll be hard to beat I guess may the best cake win good luck.
There can't be too many pirate cakes.
Oh way cool! I can't wait to see your pirate ship cake!
This is so cool! I am going to make my 5 year old one for his next birthday (at his request) I plan on using a football shaped pan for the hull (inverted of course). Love the whopper cannon balls and ice cone crows nest +1 vote from the fatboy!
Aww, that's great! I'm sure your 5 year old will love it. The pirate ship cake I made was for an adult but there was 3 year old present and he was really excited. I think I'll continue to make this cake just to see kids reactions, it's so cute!
Yarr, nice job matey!
That's insane! Nice job, I so look forward to eating this. No, not making, because it would be too hard. Maybe a friend/ teacher/ parent could make it. Then I eat it. +1 vote. +1 rating.
Ah wow, thanks for the compliment!
Thanks! It's super fun to make and it brings out the kid in all of us!
Nice work.
Arrrrrrr! This be totally sweet.

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