Pirate Ship Cake


Step 9: Decorating your totally awesome pirate ship cake!!

Picture of Decorating your totally awesome pirate ship cake!!
Decorate your cake using toy pirates, malt balls, cocktail stir stick swords, and pirouette cookies.

I gave my cake a wood grain appearance by using a fork.

I made the sails out of regular construction paper. I poked the wooden skewer at both ends of the sail and then pushed it into the cake.

You will learn that you'll have to keep re-frosting due to smudges and also to use as a glue.

I stuck a toy pirate inside the crows nest and used the frosting as a glue. The frosting also helped me glue together my malt ball cannon clusters.


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leeski5 years ago
 my son loves pirates and he would love this cake.  He'd probably not let anyone eat so that it can last forever.