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Sometime last year when I started my wood shop, one of my friends ordered  a custom-made and unique jewelry box to keep her jewelry in, specifically something that looked like a pirate ship, so I built this!  Rings and bracelets can go on the masts, necklaces on the deck, and earing on the sails, (which are made out of mesh).  

Now, I had all the materials on hand, so I have no idea how much this would cost, but I would assume somewhere in the $20-$30 range.


3/4" plywood sheet
3/4" dowels
3/16" dowels
1/4"x1/4" square wooden rods
about 5 ft  of bead-chain
fine wire mesh
Dark Walnut Stain
paper (for the flag)

Optional: Lego figure


power sander and sand paper
miter box/saw
drill press/gun
assorted wood clamps

Step 1: Find a template

Picture of Find a template
First, I found a suitable layout somewhere online (Google, what else?) to give the ship a proper "pirate-y" shape, so I copied it, blew it up to be approximately 14" long,  printed it out, and cut it out.
bsteopher3 years ago
A poop deck is essentially the stern deck of the ship. In a sailing ship, this poop deck is usually elevated from the roof.
bonk92004 years ago
bravo! I will be attempting this design soon with maybe a few modifications later...
jdtwelve124 years ago
What Arrrrrrtistry!
dawoj4 years ago
Good idea & nice design. If you make one small box and fix in the base of the ship, you can hide the jewelry from others. Then it will become perfect jewelry box also.
jbrecken4 years ago
You might want to add a row of horizontal pegs sticking out of the hull on each side, (perhaps to hang rings on or something) since a pirate ship without any cannons isn't very piratey.
guyzo35 (author)  jbrecken4 years ago
Oooooo such a good idea! I already gave this to my friend, but if she ever wants it refurbished, then thats definitely on the list
Cymru4 years ago
Ah. Not a jewelry box but a jewelry stand. I kept looking for the opening in to the ship's hold and couldn't find it.
guyzo35 (author)  Cymru4 years ago
That does make more sense, thanks for the correction!
blkhawk4 years ago
Great instructable! Plenty of pictures to help the reader follow the steps. Thank you for posting. Ahoy mates!
awesome! I love this. I made a jewelry stand awhile back from an old tree branch with mesh in back for earrings, but it's starting to fall apart, so i've been looking for a new pattern. brilliant!