Step 11: Bead Chain the Poop Deck and make the Flag!

Picture of Bead Chain the Poop Deck and make the Flag!
27 - masts glued.jpg
25 - flag glued.jpg
27 - masts glued.jpg
I had bead chain lying around from a previous project, but yarn or thick string could work just as well, (it also has a really good contrast with the dark walnut stain)

I cut two lengths the same size so that it wouldn't be too tight or too loose between the posts.

For the flag, I just Googled "Pirate Flag," took one of the images and mirrored it in Paint, cut the two halves out, glued them back to back, and glued the flag to the mast with two flaps at the back of the flag with Elmers Glue.
bsteopher3 years ago
A poop deck is essentially the stern deck of the ship. In a sailing ship, this poop deck is usually elevated from the roof.