Step 2: Build the Body

  1. The back bone is shaped from a 1”x1” piece of wood. I used a belt sander to form the back bone.
  2. Holes drilled in the back bone hold the ribs formed from thick wire, I like to use wire coat hangers.
  3. The pelvis bone is cut from cardboard and glued onto the back bone.
  4. The sternum is also cut out of cardboard and glued to the ribs.
  5. Add shape to the ribs and strength to the pelvis and sternum by covering them with paper clay.
  6. Once the body has the shape you like sand and paint
Thx u so much~!!
love the look.
I use carpet thread for all of my marionette. It looks like regular thread but has a nylon core. This makes the tread very strong. Available in black so doesn't show from the stage. I have marionettes over 30 years old. With the original strings You can find it at any fabric store including Walmart.
best puppet so far! love it :)

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