Pirate Skills: Teddy Bear Pancakes





Introduction: Pirate Skills: Teddy Bear Pancakes

Yar, impress your pirate friends or children/grandchildren with these pancakes.

Step 1: Yar, First Step

Yoho. First of all, get your favorite pancake mix. I personally raided some from the surrounding seaside villages. Then, go ahead and do as if you were making a regular pancake.

Step 2: Yar, Step 2.

Add an ear. Yoho. Yarr.

Step 3: Step 3.

Add another ear. Then, let cook.

Step 4: Step 4

Flip your pancake. Yar.

Step 5: Step 5

Alright mateys, your pancake is done. I added some junior mints (official pirate candy. Even though they don't prevent scurvy.) for eyes and a mouth and a nose. But anything will work. Believe it!, I mean, YARHAR!



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    Just another tip: drop mini kiss-ables into the pancake (In the eye place, other eye place, nose and mouth) right after you just poured the batter on the pan

    Aaarrgghhha, was it you cooking your blasted Teddy Bear Pancakes aboard the Cutty Sark??? There'll be no fires lit aboard my ship Mr. Christian!!

    1 reply

    if your a pirate you have scurvy,no teeth,long beard and most likly siffulus

    5 replies

    ... or even worse, SYPHILIS! ;)


    It's sad you feel that way.

    No, because I only engage in Social intercourse with your family.

    Because I beat down ninjas daily. Also, Disney named a character after me.

    Jack sparrow i presume? So, technically, if you mated with a ninja (against your pirate will of course) you would have pirinjas? or nirates? hmmmmmmmm............

    Lol. Pirates be pwnin'!

    Arrr avast ye matey this be a good instructable!

    Pirates > teddy bear pancake? Pirates > blunderbuss pancake makes more sense. I like Instructables made by pirates.