Introduction: Pirate Skull

In this video I did a Pirate Skull it was so much fun! I also walked around farmers market like this. I like doing that. Haha what do you think? Let me know! Also feel free to help me out and subscribe to my youtube page at Thank you! <3

Step 1: Outline

Picture of Outline

First step is normal for me. I took a white eyeliner pencil and outlined what I wanted to do.

Step 2: Top Base

Picture of Top Base

I started with the top of my head and took a white body paint from Mehron to fill in the top of my head. I let it be a little transparent and streaky to give it texture. Then I took a smaller brush and lightly highlighted with that same white body paint I just made sure it was a little more opaque.

Step 3: Eyes

Picture of Eyes

I filled in my eyes with black body paint.

Step 4: Details

Picture of Details

I used a gold body paint from mehron to make this design on my forehead. I used the pirates of the Caribbean skull as a inspiration I didn't really copy it spot on.

Step 5: Eye Details

Picture of Eye Details

talking a little bit of black eyeshadow I added some shadows around the eyes.

Step 6: More Details

Picture of More Details

Taking some white body paint I added some sharper lines in the gold.

Step 7: Shadows

Picture of Shadows

taking more black eye shadow I used that to shadow around the gold .

Step 8: More Gold

Picture of More Gold

I took more gold around the eye area.

Step 9: Nose

Picture of Nose

I took black body paint to fill in the nose area.

Step 10: Waterline

Picture of Waterline

I took the jumbo eye pencil in black bean to fill in my water line

Step 11: More Shadows

Picture of More Shadows

I took more black eyeshadow to shadow around the other gold I had added.

Step 12: More Shadowing

Picture of More Shadowing

I'm not added more shadows and details around the nose using black eye shadow.

Step 13: Top Teeth

Picture of Top Teeth

taking white body paint I added the top teeth

Step 14: Black

Picture of Black

I started adding the black around the cheek bones with black body paint.

Step 15: Teeth Detail

Picture of Teeth Detail

I used black eyeshadow and black body paint to detail around the teeth. Then I also took the gold and made a few teeth gold.

Step 16: Lines

Picture of Lines

taking black body paint I added some lines around the face.

Step 17: Jaw

Picture of Jaw

for the jaw I took more white body paint to fill it in. Then I used black body paint and eye shadow to shadow around it.

Step 18: Bottom Teeth

Picture of Bottom Teeth

I repeated the same steps I used on my top teeth on my bottom teeth

Step 19: Black

Picture of Black

last step is filling in the rest of my face with black. =D


gm280 (author)2017-11-26

I know I've said it before, but you create realistic optical illusions with your ability to shadow things like you do. I honestly thought you used some prosthetic this time. But I watched you do the painting and it was your unique ability to shadow things that makes it look that way. Once again, very good work. Bravo!

MsMaoMaoz (author)gm2802017-11-27

Thank you so much! I feel like I'm getting better every day. =D

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