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Introduction: Pistachio Medallion/Pendant

Pistachio are very versatile don't you think? once you eat em....their shells are great for crafts!
My daughter hordes them like nobody's busiisnuss

Step 1: What You Need

Pistachio shells cleaned
hard cardboard - to cut circle of your choice.
hot glue

Step 2:

To make the Medallion you need to cut a circle out of cardboard ( you could use any other circular disc that you want...lids..etc.)
Make a hole and pass a wire through and twist and make a loop. Secure with hot glue.
Take 3 shells and overlap and glue making a pod.
then place it in the center of the cardboard circle and glue.
now hot glue shells around the pod till you cover the circle.
hot glue shells for the final round on the sides.
flip over and cut and glue a felt circle to neaten.

Step 3: Pendant

To make a pendant...
make the pod by overlapping and gluing 3 shells
then glue 4 shells around it.
later glue 5 shells forming a flower.
make a loop with wire and glue to the back...reenforce with tape and then cover with felt.
grab a cord pass it through the loop and wear it!
Aren't they cute?

Step 4: Enjoy!

I bet you never thought to use pistacio shells in such a way...:-D
You may spray paint them if you like...but I liked the natural colors :-)

Please vote for the jewelry contest and green contest if you like it...I would love the vote :-)



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Looks very interesting and unique :-) You could also make holes in them and ring them together to make matching earrings and possibly bracelets.

Thanks! yes it's so versatile. Add a bit of beads too it would look great for the bracelet idea. It would also look lovely as candle holders

Thanks :-)

This is Amazing! Im SO going to vote for you! I will DEFINITELLY make this!

Thank you sooo much! :-)
collect all the shell you got...I just got a great idea for a candle holder...don't you think it would look lovely?

Yes! I don't really like Pistachios though, but my sister will burn through them! I will steal all the shells. Great idea about the candle though!!! Good luck!

It looks beautiful! I never would have come up with this idea, nice work :)

Thank you so much :-)

you're welcome sweetie! you have my vote :)