Picture of Pistol crossbow quiver
Photo 13.9.2013 15.39.31.jpg
NOTE! English is not my main language (not eaven second) so if i have writed somting odd, just ask and i try to help. thanks for understanding.

I wanted to do quiver by myself because i didn’t find any quiver for pistol crossbow bolts, at least not any good ones on internet stores.

Good news is that you can make it very cheap, its cost less than 3 dollars and took less than 15min to make. (at least I think) it looks awesome. Please, read this tutorial once before you start to make your own quiver, it will help you.

If you are larper, I think you can find this tutorial help full too.

You will need. 
Mailing pipe (with plugs)
Old camo shirt

Saw / Knife

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Step 1: Mailing pipe

Picture of Mailing pipe
Now take your bolt and make mark to pipe like in the picture. And saw it. On the other end of the pipe, make the mark to 5cm (2inch) from the top. So you get “hat” for the quiver. You should now have 3 pieces of the pipe. One extra and two for the quiver. See the second image above.

Step 2: Styrox

Picture of Styrox
Photo 13.9.2013 15.47.28.jpg
Photo 13.9.2013 15.48.49.jpg
Now make marks on your styrofoam with pen and pipe (if the material is soft enough you don’t need to make it smaller than the hole in the pipe) Saw / cut the piece of and put it in the bottom of the pipe.

Step 3: Locker / Stopper for the "hat"

Picture of Locker / Stopper for the
Next you need to have something to make stopper / lock for the hat. use scissors and carton. You  just need a shape of rectangle and but it inside the hat. Look pictre below. DO NOT STABLE IT YET!

I will change this to black when i buy 
carton next time.

Step 4: Fabric part 1

Picture of Fabric part 1
Now, destroy your shirt (I tooket only sleeves from it). use pipe adjust the size. Make sure that piece of the shirt is longer than the pipe and 1 inch wider. This is important to make better looking quiver. Turn corner of one long side of the fabric as in the picture, use glue or needle and string.
izzythecat3 months ago
Great job with english
codyt961 year ago
great quiver. I keep my almond survival kit in it. a very nice detail indeed
Roxbury (author)  codyt961 year ago

Thank you.

calipso2501 year ago

I think it's great because there's so many pistol crossbows but you can never find a good quiver

great instructable

Roxbury (author)  calipso2501 year ago

Thank you

TN7771 year ago
Very clever! I like how you had a pocket on the outside, keep snacks or something if you get hungry.
Roxbury (author)  TN7771 year ago
Thank you :) the pocket is great detail to quiver. i keep my wax and tensioning tools in there.
Slasher5771 year ago
Slasher5771 year ago
great job with your english
Roxbury (author)  Slasher5771 year ago
thank you. :)