For Halloween this year, I thought about being a sexy lobster, but I wanted to keep at least one hand free to hold drinks, open doors, and shake hands with the new people I meet. My friend suggested the pistol shrimp , which uses its one oversized claw to shoot a jet of water that stuns its prey. This idea sounded so nerdtastic that I just had to do it! The best part of the costume is that hidden inside the claw is a cap pistol, which is used to simulate the popping noise created by collapsing cavitation bubbles.

Step 1: Gather Up Your Materials


1. pink dress or clothing. I sewed a simple tube dress, you can do the same or use some clothes you already have.
2. pink fabric and thread (3 yards was more than enough, including about a yard for the dress) ~ $10
3. orange tulle (about 1 yard) ~$1
4. Pink craft foam: one large sheet and one small ~$3
5. Cap pistol and caps ($5 at Walgreens)
6. Pink hat (I had one, you can make your own)
7. Scraps of black felt or foam

1. Sewing machine- not necessary, but very helpful
2. Pink thread, needle and pins
3. Hot glue gun
4. Stapler
5. Wire
So how many jokes about crabs did you have to endure?

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