This is a piston marble pump i made for my marble machine after seeing
It takes 5/8 inch marbles.
The reason I like this pump design is because it doesn't let the marbles clack together when there are no marbles in the feeder. It is also less likely to jam then a previous model I built.

Added a picture of the pump installed in the dragon marble reservoir.
The marbles enter through a hole between the feet and tail and exit through the mouth.
The dragon was already made, so I had to fit the new pump underneath as best I could.
Ok! So how about some instructions for building?
Do you manually put the marbles back in?<br>
How do you prevent backflow?
&nbsp;in the 3rd picture you can see the 'drawing' of the 1/8 inch dowel with a spring on it that prevents&nbsp;back flow. its slanted on the end to allow a marble to push it out of the way, but not be able to push back through with just gravity.
Thanks!<br /> I'm trying to &quot;translate&quot; your pump to Plastic elctrical piping, w/o much success..... I used a 3&quot; hinge as backstop.<br /> I think I'll be less independent, and just copy your system, or maybe make an elevator out of a cross-cut of an old tyre innner tube? (glue U-shaped blocks of wood to the outside with anaerobic glue to lift the marbles )<br />
what does it do?
Click the youtube link for a video of a similar 'marble pump' 'pumping marbles'
its seems super pointless

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