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This is a small pit fall trap me and my brother made. It has lots of small spikes we places at the bottom of the hole and the are spikes on the top as well to channel the game towards our trap. These pictures include the finished trap and some of the stages of construction.


ringai (author)2013-04-08

Your spike are more widely known as punji stakes. Especially by older vets. You want to be careful where you set these to ensure that a person can't accidentally end up in one. I can guarantee you that you won't get a pass from LEO if someone gets hurt in that.

rimar2000 (author)2013-04-08

These traps are extremely cruel and dangerous. Many people fall into them.

Ammouflage (author)rimar20002014-09-29

Yeah, I just fall into these all the time, they're all over the place

rimar2000 (author)Ammouflage2014-09-30

Well, the word is not "Many", is "Some". Pardon, I do not speak English, I speak Castilian. It is real that some persons were victims of these traps. One of them agonized during 8 days before die.

zipzipzoom76 (author)2014-03-16

Great Project to work on survival skills .Really like the idea of the spikes on top to funnel the game in the right direction

Sqreon (author)2013-04-09

There have been numerous comments about the use of my traps. I would like to thank the people who have commented however I would also like to point out that the traps/snares that I show are for EDUCATIONAL purposes and ONLY to be used in a SURVIVAL situation. Also I would like to say that after taking the pictures I responsibly dispose of the traps to ensure the safety of animals and humans. Only use these traps if permitted by law or in a survival situation. Thanks!!!

blkhawk (author)2013-04-08

You and your brother might be liable if someone falls in your trap. I recommend both of you to destroy this so nobody get hurt.

bfedorowytsch (author)2013-04-08

Gotta be careful with these kinds of traps, they are illegal in a lot of places.

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