Pitstop in Working




Introduction: Pitstop in Working

First you see one of the birds looking, he wants to know what is goning. The first time I take him with my hand and than he fly to the food! The canarie look at the big bird and than follow him to the food :-)

Step 1: Pitstop in Working

In the first picture you see that the bird want to know what we are doning. Than I let him step at my hand and bring him to the food. After that he fly by himself :-)

Step 2: What Do You Need?

Make 2 holes in the wall. Put 2 screws in the holes. Hang the Pitstop at the screws and your done!

Step 3: Full the Bins

Full the bin with the food for thr birds. And full water in the bins :-) I refresh the water 3 times a day, and the food once a day.



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