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" Indoor Gliders " made with feathers of birds found walking on the beaches.

To make these Gliders It’s important find similar and specular feathers , for the assembling we need

• sewing thread

• feathers

• cyanoacrylate glue ( Attack )

you must understand and perceive coming glider, empirically pinning gently sides and testing the dynamism

When a result reaches pleasing gliding can be welded better elements twisting around sewing threads on exposed parts of feathers , then the thread can be locked with a drop of super glue and ,



DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-06-12

Cool glider. Do you need specific feather types.

The wings of the glider look like flight feathers (leading edge feathers) of opposite wings. The body looks like another flight feather. The tails look like flight feathers, but from the back part of the wing.

You can use any kind of feather, you have only to control if is all balanced .

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