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This is my Pivot stand for monitor made by galvanized water pipes and connections.
The pictures shows it all.


DIUvic (author)2013-05-17

A parts list would be nice. I'm assuming you welded that thing into the backplate that's installed on the monitor?

emad_sh (author)DIUvic2013-05-18

Yes and just that part needs welding.
The others are threaded galvanized water pipes and the standard joints

emad_sh (author)2013-04-27

The joint between 90 degree elbow and reducer fitting can turn. since we need max 90 degree turning,they wont separate from each other.
There is no any lock mechanism implemented yet;

AEracer7 (author)2013-04-22

which piece(s) specifically did you use to allow the monitor to pivot, and is there any way to lock the monitor in portrait or landscape?

kpataska (author)2011-07-14

Your stand rotates - it does not pivot.

Pivoting would mean that the screen can be shifted on the X axis - you're only shifting on the Z axis...

Nidht (author)kpataska2011-10-30

Actually, in monitor terminology, this is pivoting. There are monitors that are advertised with stands that can "pivot" and this is exactly what they do. =)

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