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Introduction: Pixar Decals

In order to better decorate my newly named Embers, Luxo and Riley I whipped up a few sticker patterns to place on the front panel.

I used the VersaCAMM to cut my outlines, but you can also print on sticker paper and cut with scissors or Xacto.

Step 1: Using Inkscape to Create a Decal

To create the Riley outline I used the Trace Bitmap command in Inkscape.

I also altered the images in Gimp beforehand to help the tool find the paths I wanted.

Once I had the outline, it's as simple as saving as a DXF and opening in AutoCAD.

Step 2: Tracing an Image in Inventor

A more manual way to achieve spiff profiles is to start a sketch in your favorite 3D CAD, Inventor, and import the image to trace over.

Once completed, right click the sketch in the model tree and select Export Sketch as DXF

Step 3: DWGs

If you'd like to use the DWGs for your own awesome decaling projects just remember to post pics.

I've also included a third decal that didn't make it to reality because its respective Ember was reallocated. I'm sure I'll bring it to reality someday soon though.

Step 4: Learn More About Ember

If you want to learn more about Ember, check out the webpage here or take a look at our Instructables group.

And remember, adventure is out there.



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