The first time i saw this movie I couldnt wait to buy it. And the Halloween after I saw the movie, I wanted to be Russel. But I couldnt find a place to make one. Even Instructables didnt have it! Soooo I made it.  I used my old boy scout uniform, a backpack, some rope, I made an orange neckerchief and all the buttons on the sash. I used the button maker in the video and let me tell ya, that was a LOT of buttons. Online there is a printout of Ellies House, I was going to trie it but ran out of ink. Anyway, I think its pretty cool, let me know what you think :)  

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HAHA, very cool. Good work!
hi, <br>just a qestion: Why are you hidding your face????
Hmm. Good queston. Idk Lol

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