Step 4: Prepare PIC

Picture of Prepare PIC
Now we need to do a bit of work on the PIC chip before it's ready to be soldered in place.

First, a note on pin numbering, in case you're not familiar with the subject. Pin 1 is indicated by a recessed dot on one corner of the top of the chip; the rest are sequentially numbered, going counter-clockwise around the chip. If you don't see a dot in one corner, you're probably looking at the bottom of the chip - flip it over!

These before & after pictures show the pin 1 dot in the upper left - however that is NOT the orientation in which it will be installed in the JuiceBox. Pay attention to the pictures! A PIC installed upside-down will probably not kill your JuiceBox, but neither is it going to accomplish anything...

Using needle-nose pliers, gently bend pins 1, 4, and 8 until they point straight outwards from the chip. The idea is to keep them from touching anything on the circuit board when the rest of the pins are soldered into place.

Apply a bit of solder to the top sides of pins 1 and 8 - that will probably be easier to do now rather than later. Don't bother with pin 4, it will not be connected to anything.