Pixel Art of Link the Legend of Zelda




Introduction: Pixel Art of Link the Legend of Zelda

My name is Emerson Pedroso, I am creator of the YouTube channel DIY Workshop.
Today's project DIY workshop, we will make a pixel art of wooden cubes link The Legend Of Zelda, if you want to know how it was done follow the images above to see the video explaining in detail the construction:

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Para acessar este tutorial em Português, acesse este link:


Step 1:

With the piece of Madeirite, make risks 2cm with the pencil, the image has 19 columns and 17 lines totaling 323 cubes to cut use a hacksaw or some other cutting tool of your choice, after cutting, sanding only cubes with orbital sander or hand even with the wood sanding P80.

Step 2:

With all cubes ready, separates them according to the colors and amounts, and paint with acrylic paint, spend 2-3 coats of paint since that's enough.

Step 3:

After all painted cubes, follow the link of the design and make online for line after all lines are ready to join, so it is easy, you can or use the adhesive glue or wood, once you are ready, go matte varnish stained glass throughout the piece.

Step 4: Final Result

Enjoy this Instructable?

Soon we will post more projects in English to accompany you. Let us suggestions and comments for upcoming videos if they want the subtitled video, if you have enough requests I legendo :P Access our channel on youtube, besides workshops have a cooking table :D


Thank you for your personal attention and even more! \ o



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