In our living room we have a small patch of drop ceiling right in the middle of the room, basically a giant piece of duct tape to cover up bad carpentry. It was constantly getting water damage from what looks like a giant hole in the ceiling above the drop tiles. After roughly a year of living in the house I decided to take action. The Pixel Drop Ceiling was born.

The Pixel Drop Ceiling is a Bluetooth, Arduino powered, Computer controlled, RGB, Drop Ceiling. The perks of being controlled by the computer are that the whole system is music controlled and its easy to change and create your own patterns with little software know-how. You can then change these patterns on the fly without having to upload new software to the Arduino, allowing you to create your own "show" in essence.

Step 1: Materials

When choosing Ceiling Tiles you don't have to go with the Stratford that's simply what I chose, just make sure that no matter what design of tile you get that you buy the translucent tiles, NOT the white tiles. The Translucent tiles are made purposely to put lighting fixtures above and they look amazing when you do so.

<p>Any suggestions on how one might attach it to the room without damaging (or minimally damaging) the roof? My and some buds are moving into a rental space, and I'd love to do this project with them</p><p>Thanks!</p>
<p>Your either going to have to go with some sort of adhesive (which might be the least damaging) or you can nail in brackets/screw them straight to the ceiling. I haven't really found any way around this, i just used double sided mounting tape that you might see on those coat hangers that stick to the walls. </p>
<p>Looks like we might end up turning it into a 7x7 dancing platform, with a reinforced case, rather than damage the roof.</p><p>How many LEDs per square did you use? We're just trying to do a cost analysis at the moment</p><p>One more question, what would you call those tubes you're running the long wiring through? I'm fairly inexperienced at electronics work, so any advice is greatly appreciated!</p>
<p>A Dance platform is an awesome idea! ive wanted to do one fore a while now i just dont have the room in my house, as for the led question I only used one 30mm Module per square, each module however has 3 LED's inside it. as for the wire i used 18-4 security wire from homedepot, here is the link http://www.homedepot.com/p/Southwire-18-4-Shield-Security-Cable-By-the-Foot-57573099/204725141 </p>
<p>Also please, Link says 20 pcs 3pc rgb, if i am not wrong does that means that each pc from 20pc has 3 pcs, so total 60 pcs.. For 10 by 10 feet room, as per your design, i will need 100 pcs(total 300pc considering inside, is it right ? So total i need 5 power supply(12v). Also curious about the brightness. Since this room is in Nightclub.</p>
<p>Hi</p><p>I am confused on the above, You say each module has 3 leds, and the link you gave has 20 pieces. How is this. I am new and didnt understand on the link that what is 3pc rgb means when it has total 20pcs. Also how many power supply i need? I have 10 by 10 feet room and i used 2 by 2 feet ceiling tiles.</p>
<p>awesome build! did you need a shielded cable though? Wondering if some 18-4 for landscaping would work. </p>
<p>No the shield was not nececcary </p>
<p>1. Why do you only call for two resistors in the instructions, yet I see three in your pictures?</p><p>2. Do I need to buy anything extra for the LED quick disconnect?</p><p>3. What kind of wires do I need to buy for the circuit? I see red, black, and green wires in your pictures.</p><p>Thanks</p>
<p>Given your setup, would there be a simple way to have multiple LEDs/pixel operate simultaneously per tile to increase brightness?</p>
<p>Hi - thanks for this. I have a question about the Bluetooth baud rate. If the max that the HC-05 can cope with is 115,200, how does the arduino receive the output from Glediator / Jinx which the header in the script says has to be set at 1,000,000?</p>
<p>If you are the maker, please contact me. I would like to include your project in a magazine article I am writing. Michael Chusid. You can check me out and get my contact info via www.chusid.com. Thank you.</p>
<p>Am I correct when thinking that all led modules are wired in serial?</p>
All the led modules are wired in series, they communicate through serial.
That's what i meant... series. Thanks for the quick reply.
<p>This is the best ceiling ever, I installed it in every house I build!</p>
every house u built?! how many houses do u hav lol xdd
<p>What were the total costs?</p>
<p>Amazing project! I'm glad you won :).</p>
<p>Congratulations on the win! very cool project.</p>
<p> Very cool... And Colorful :D</p>
<p>I think it's time to play Space Invaders on the ceiling.</p>
Great job&hellip; I'd love to try this :)
<p>hello do the same but by handling it without the usb bluetooth and must turn up some code to arduino pauljuy@hotmail.com</p>
<p>This is awesome!</p>
Very nice.
What about the hole above the ceiling tiles that was dripping water?
<p>Luckily the LED's are water proof, every now and then we have to take a couple down and clean them off. Its only condensation from the pipes above</p>
<p>Your house must be pretty awesome! Great project!</p>
<p>Great Work ?!! Amazing ..</p>
<p>It looks like you have the coolest house ever from the Instructables you have been posting! haha</p>

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