Picture of Pixel Trash Can
From the second I saw this paper pixel trash can I fell in love with it and I knew that I wanted to make a real life model.

I love working with wood, because I grew up on a lumber yard and now that I'm living in a city I really miss the smell of it. Piece by piece I am equipping my cellar room, so that I'm able to make what ever I like.

Step 1: Material and tools

Picture of Material and tools

  • wood 1.5 cm thick (I've used plywood because it was easier for me to get)
  • paint (3 different types of gray)
  • wood filler (putty knife)
  • wood glue
  • primer
  • masking tape
  • screws (20 mm long)
  • circular saw bench
  • scroll saw
  • belt sander
  • drill
  • ruler
  • paint brush
  • clamps
  • protection: working gloves, safety glasses, ear protection
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WOAH! That's impressive!! :-D
eulaliaaaa!4 years ago
Sprechen Deutch?
BrittLiv (author)  eulaliaaaa!4 years ago
Hi, jep ich spreche Deutsch (Ich hatte Englisch, Französisch und Latein in der Schule), spreche Spanisch, da ich ein Jahr in Chile gelebt habe und lerne gerade Schwedisch in der Uni...

und du?
Wer kennt sie nicht Deutsch sprechen?! Ich spreche auch Russisch, Englisch, Latein, Niederländisch und ein wenig Spanisch. Wir alle sind begabt! Ja!
Ich spreche auch english spanish und franzoesisch.Also koennte man die muelltonne eigendlich auch stabieler bauen?
BrittLiv (author)  diabetishead4 years ago
Hi, sie ist sehr stabil, wenn sie auf der Seite liegt kann ich darauf stehen.
Große instructable Menschen. Als ich das Bild sah, dachte ich, dass es ein Pixelbild war. Beeindruckend.
Thats scary how many people know different languages. Too bad I only know english. :(
I speak a little German but that was way over my head
Linguam latinam disco, discivi multum! sum solus puer qui linquam amo! ridiculus, vero ita?

quoque tubam sono. nunc sum otiosi quod pensam non habeo, sed est ad me venint!
Dutch, i think :P
Latin, actually.
lol I'm from Latvija, now thats always fun to see :P
BrittLiv (author)  techturtle24 years ago
To be honest I never quite liked Latin, I prefer to learn languages that I can use to talk to people, I can understand what you wrote, but I don't remember enough to answer...
Ciamar a tha sibh? Tha gu math, tapadh leibh.

B.C ard innlich!
That is wonderful! You did an awesome job putting it all together :D
kilbia3 years ago
Ohhhhh golly. This is adorable. I've been inspired. Thank you! =)
deschis4 years ago
Very nice instructable. Good to see some good old german work here
Sieht gut aus oder look's great. Spreche: Deutsch,English,Russisch,Estnisch& lerne später noch Schwedisch :)
MfG MaximcSauerkraut :)
I think I'll just make this first in minecraft... XD
Your idea gave me a totally awesome idea. an 8-bit Mario Warp Pipe trash can. I am so doing this.

Awesome work.
BrittLiv (author)  wandering otaku4 years ago
great idea! I would love to see a picture of the result, I don't know if you've seen the cachepot I made for my carnivorous plant.
A real carnivorous plant in a 8-bit tube... this is pure awesome! Definitely a 1UP :)
stncilr4 years ago
how much does this thrash can weigh? Seems to me that it would be kinda on the heavy side.
Very nice project and very well build.
Good Instructable too.
modog40004 years ago
im just wondering how much was tthis to make
BrittLiv (author)  modog40004 years ago
Sorry, I don't really know because it didn't pay for the wood and got the paint from my mum, The rest wasn't expensive...
ok how much was the rest other than the paint
modog40004 years ago
dude this is sweet this is my next project current project tesla coil
BrittLiv (author)  modog40004 years ago
Cool, if you are making it I would love to see some pictures!
i will try to add pics
Da schauns die Amis :-) das ist halt europäische Wertarbeit, die wollens gleich wieder mit Metalldosen und plastikfolien machen :-) hihihi
Awesome, would love to see a picture looking down on it to see the inside and how it looks from that aspect, in reference to the joints! Sweet work!
BrittLiv (author)  iminthebathroom4 years ago
Thanks, I would like to show you a picture, but it's already in use... I will take one, the next time I take the trash out.
Thanks, sometimes its that one picture that helps it make sense, to me anyway. Must have some sort of 3D dyslexia : 0
BrittLiv (author)  iminthebathroom4 years ago
Here as promised the picture (sorry the lightning is not too good...)
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